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NCAA 14 Recruiting Guide/Cheat


This is the best way I’ve found to get players of high caliber to commit to your school as early as week 1 of the season.

NCAA 14 Recruiting Guide/Cheat

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  1. do you have issues with putting 700 points towards a recruit but the points dont get counted once you advance to the next week. only happens to me in week one after i do your method.

  2. How's come when the season is over and I go to crest prospect option and then I have created a guy then when I press start it discards my created prospects

  3. does this trick still work? I've been trying on a juco for an hour and still haven't gotten him

  4. I know this is way old but thank you so much!!! Helps a lot, I'm rebuilding UAB with 2016 rosters. They are. 59 overall!!! In second season now and getting instant commits from 5-star recruits!!!

  5. You can actually do the same thing if it gives you a bad class. just save in preseason before it creates a class. Then generate the class, check the class quality, and if it's not up to par, back out and try again.

  6. What do u do when you get the recruit? Do u save the dynasty, or do u back out and lose the player?

  7. is this only for les miles ?

    what if i want to use Texas am but with a created coach is it possible ?

  8. hey man I was running a dynasty like this on my ps3 and after the first few rounds a few of my recruits would come up locked but it would say they committed to my team but they have the lock logo instead of mine.. I also received coach xp for getting a commit, but with the lock logos.. am I going to have to restart? I'd really rather not

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