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NBA 2K16 Review


NBA 2K16 is one of the finest and most complete packages we’ve ever seen.

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NBA 2K16 Review

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  1. ps3 & 4 graphics look like everyone has retainers or braces, & WTF is that a boy or a girl?!… that kid looks like a transgender freak!… 3:28… looks like the kids confused on what his role is lol

  2. I don't get why goaltending is a bad thing,i never played a basketball til this and i'm english, so i kept doing it,took me a few times to realise it's wrong,ha.

  3. what about cutscenes after finishing the 1st season, i mean main story? are there some cutscenes during the gameplay, talking with super stars before and after games, manager etc? or no cutscenes anymore? never played this game before so i would like to know about next seasons, so are there some cutscenes, funny moments after 1st season/story ending?

  4. Just compared the 2k16 review with this one. No 2 minute rant on how bad 2k is when it comes to teammate AI. Or how the animations are completely canned to the point of unrealism for a so called "simulation game". Point out the bad in Live. Point out the good in 2k. The game can't be as great as you make it out to be if you mention the pick and roll as a highlight of the game.

  5. In spike lees thing he was using some crazy slang like who says "you sound like Welches grape jelly"

  6. whats better xbox one or ps4 for nba 2k16, im about to buy a new system not sure which one to get .. all i play is nba 2k and gta 5 …..im on xbox 360 now and i am use to xbox.. what do you guys recommend?????

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