1. try to make an another account, i don’t know, i’ve never been banned PS3, your console is Hacked?

  2. Hi adam

    If there’s anyone else who has used your console, check they haven’t jailbroken it. You get a permanant ban from psn

    To check this goto system settings -> then into the place where you check what software your running.

    If the softwate is has “CFW” at the end of the version number, you are jailbroken, therfore this is why you have been banned. If there is “OFW” or just the version number, you are not jailbroken.

    Before you do any of the above, check this first

    When you get the message that you are banned does it say

    Number 1:

    Access to sony entertainment network from this account has been banned or temporarily suspended

    Or Number 2:

    Access to sony entertainment network from this system has been banned or temporarily suspended

    If it is number 1, its just your PSN account, so you can create a new user account on your PS3, then a new PSN

    If it is number 2, then your whole system is banned from PSN, so if you try and make another PSN account, it still won’t work. What ever you try won’t get your PSN back

    Hope I Helped!


    Have a look at “The Shadow”‘s answer, and see if you broke any of the rules

  3. There is always a reason, and sony will only ban users if they can prove you did the offense or have been reported several times. You did break the code of conduct or violated the terms of psn if you got banned.

    the following list includes many of the offenses that you can get banned or suspended for on psn :

    using a fake name , address , birth date or e-mail address on your account

    game sharing or asking to game share

    theft or an account

    cheating in online games ( boosting , hacking , exploiting a glitch ) or asking others to help you cheat

    not cancelling a subscription such as plus and not having the funds available when it tries to renew automatically or reversing the charges / having the payment refused by the credit card company for lack of credit

    using mods , hacked save files or other methods to gain unfair advantage in games or get trophies you did not earn

    verbal or text abuse

    hate speech

    revealing personal information about another user in a public space or online lobby such as name , address , e-mail address etc.

    false reports

    spamming ( sending several copies of the same message to a user or more than one user )

    impersonation of another user or sony employee

    sexual harassment via verbal means or text

    team killing ( kill members of your own team in online play )

    voice communications blocking ( using loud music or other loud sounds to disrupt chat in online games )


    offenses against community standards ( any offense that is defined in the online code of conduct but not mentioned previously )

  4. I’ve never been banned but try calling them or check your email to see if they sent you anything or just create a new one

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