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My black ops disc has a thin but long crack in the middle spreading out is it safe to play?


So A couple of days ago my black ops stopped working and only works at random times it usually dosent work though

I was wondering could anything bad happen to my ps3 if i countine playing black ops in the state the cd is?

One more thing is there a way to stop the crack spreading?

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  1. you are better of buying a new one i had a disc like that and still played it and it completely broke inside the disc drive and couldn’t get it out had to send my ps3 to sony witch cost me $200 to get it fixed and there is no way you can get the crack to stop so the answer to your qustion is BUY A NEW ONE

  2. Your screwed but you have plenty of options.

    Here’s a couple:

    1. Rent it, swap disk, return.

    2. Buy a used copy from Gamestop, go back in like 20-30 minutes and say the disk you gave me has a huge crack in it! When they ask if you want another one just say no I’d like to take my buisness elsewhere. (This is a sh*tty way to go about it but hey if you want a fixed one here ya go).

  3. This is exactly what happened to me, it didnt break my ps3 but the game stopped working after a while and i bought a new one, i would suggest buying a new one, as it could damage the ps3 no point taking any chances as the games quite cheap now, and its better than having to pay £200 for a new ps3.

  4. ummmm no bro. i put a disc in my computer like that and it expoloded!!sounded like a gun went off! had to get new disc drive. but its up to you if you wanna risk it

  5. My opinion is no nothing will happen because it just trys to read it dosent force it to work

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