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Monster Hunter Frontier Online – Trailer – Xbox360


Monster Hunter Frontier Online - Trailer - Xbox360


  1. I think its unfair that capcom have only given monster hunter to japan and chine but nowhere else

  2. Capcom wont bring this out in the west and Europe cus they know Im such a badass hunter thats why. Ahh well I gotta let my frustration out sum way

  3. It's because in Japan you have to pay money to play online, and xbox 360 also cost's money if you want to play. Two flyes with one clap . Sry Bad English

  4. that big blue monster looks like a mix of lagiacrus and barioth doesn't it?(german names-are they the same in english?)

  5. Why not ps3?????? MHF grown on PlayStation, i think this is bullshit, no PS? no Europe? CAPCOM is fucking kidding me >:( (sorry bad English)

  6. they could at least do the x xbox360 or play3 here in europe … a much shit as mosnter hunter has a lot of followers so x appoint two countries Italy Spain .

  7. potevano almeno farlo x la xbox360 o play3 qui in europa…una gran cacata visto che mosnter hunter ha un sacco di seguaci tanto x nominare 2 paesi italia spagna….

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