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-Monster Hunter Frontier G – Glitch not working (Xbox 360 48 Hour Trial Codes)?


I want to know if anyone can tell me why the MHF G xbox live glitch stopped working, I mean it works but when you enter in the right code and press the button it only shows you the Xbox 360 code whicch is the useless one, and it doesnt show the xbox live code(the one I need).

I have some photos of what it says so I can better explain what I’m talking about.

[url is not allowed] This first photo shows you that theres only the useless code and not the xbox live one.

[url is not allowed] This photo shows or what I think it shows to be is an explanation on why xbox live codes dont show up, but since I dont know any japanese I cant be so sure. I figure I can ask one of you that if you know it or knows somebody that does could you or that person translate what the writeing says. It would be really helpfull.

PS: Dont tell me this is wrong because I only resort to this when I am low on cash.

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