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Modern Warfare 2 ps3 hack?


I don’t want to find a hack for open servers. Me and about 20 of my friends like to have private matches and we were talking about having hacks for a private match or lan party to just have fun with each other. I’ve seen videos of people hacking on private servers, just can’t figure out where to find them or info on how to hack it.

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  1. Good luck finding a hack.

    I only know how to do a prestige hack.

    For a Private Match hack, such as Speed Hack, Global Thermal Nuclear War, Super Jump, Wall hack, etc. Only a few people know how to do this hack and they don’t invite people. The closest I’ve ever came was being infected with all these hacks. But it wears off once you start a regular match, restart game or system.

    If you don’t believe me watch this video, it’s not perfect quality, BUT IT’S MY VIDEO.

    [url is not allowed]

    My PSN: jesse45

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