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Mix Superstar PS3 Edition – “The Inner Spirit of Me”


Mix Superstar PS3 Edition -

Mix Superstar Demo PS3


  1. yes … I get the same glitch once in a while too. The fix is this… Restart your PS3, and make sure that Mix Superstar is the very first thing you run. I find that if I play anything else before and then play Mix Superstar, the tracks don't play correctly. I'm hoping they come out with a patch for it. Its annoying but this should get you by until they do.

  2. It does not work well. The loops do not play properly. anyone can help me? When I put the loops on the track, do not play continuously, but rather take a break, or do not play to the end. When I downloaded the demo worked perfectly and now I bought it and it does not work. I am outraged.

  3. @LingeringRegime – I believe is turns them into wav files, but any mp3 converter can solve that issue. 🙂

  4. @e7h1i4l3 – I made another one with and the link is posted in the description. The software is great fun. I'll post more as soon as i can stop working so much.

  5. Could someone who has used this game tell me if you can edit the loops or if you have to use the loops in the library? Also can you sample MP3's or CD's?

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