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Metal gear solid 4 sales?


What are the chances that stores, like the time brawl came out, will carry more than they sell of metal gear solid 4?

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  1. at game stores, it will most likely be sold out. at department stores like wal mart, i can assure you that they will have copies

  2. decently high.

    i didnt preorder gta4 but yet i waited in line at 1030pm est and got the 2nd ps3 copy (6th overall)

  3. The chances are very slim. They sell a lot, not only by Pre-orders, there are people waiting to get the game. Maybe in little towns, but usually not much.

  4. Seeing as not too many people have a PS3, chances are high that there will be more MGS 4 games than there are demands for it. Of course, I’m only talking about the regular edition. The limited edition might be a different story. There might be a few available if you didn’t pre-order.

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