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Madden NFL 17 Review – Finally Worth it?


Madden NFL 17 Review - Finally Worth it?


  1. this game is absolute garbage and want change until they get rid of the money machine ultimate team.

  2. Cons:
    Stif running ability on the kickoff return
    too many dropped passes
    QB will stop on a time when trying to roll outta the pocket

    Basically: the computer is picking who wins or looses now. waste of time. I don't care how good the graphics are compared to gameplay

  3. Phil Sims should be taken off the air. I'm not sure who's more boring to listen to him or Troy aikman

  4. just bought this game . It as my first madden for ps4. In my first game ever, I beat the saints 17 ~0 . I was New England. lol

  5. Ultimate team killed the game, they make to much money off that mode so they could care less about everything else

  6. don't forget the flags the flags Yvonne more often in this game then any other Madden game in previous years

  7. so catching went from one end of the spectrum to the other. if only the game in its entirety could do the same.

  8. Even with the updates on the commentary, they still same the exact same thing almost every time. They repeat most of the same things and talk so much that you can go about 3 plays with them still talking about something irrelevant. Completely ignoring what's going on on the field.

  9. Madden is really good graphically,in my opinion. I have it,worth every 60.I also have Nba2k27,but we're talking about madden,so like I said,very good graphically,:P EA's worked really hard on this game.

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