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Madden 17 Graphics Comparison PS4 vs. Xbox One


Madden 17 Graphics Comparison PS4 vs. Xbox One

We take a look at the PS4 and Xbox One versions of EA Sports UFC 2.




EA Sports UFC 2: PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison, Attention To Detail


  1. playstastion 4 has better graphics xbox one has good graphics but ps4 has more lighting witch makes more realistic. Also ps4 has something xbox one doesn't have witch is the ps4 VR xbox loseses

  2. Ps4 colors always look washed out compared to Xbox one the Xbox is always brighter than ps4 on any game for some reason

  3. I just upgraded from madden 15 because I wanted the new gauntlet and running skills in the field. But I have a Xbox 360 so all I got was madden 15 with new rosters, and draft champs

  4. I have both consoles. Generally get the multi platforms for the Ps4, but I've got to say I feel the Xbox version is the better of the 2.The ps4 has a bit of a white filter, and the Xbox version has a little more clarity. I have seen Madden on the Ps4, Xbox one, and One s(I own the one s), the frame rates on the one s are on par with the ps4 version, yet seem a little more choppy, and jaggy on the original Xbox.

  5. There really is no diffrence i could not spot anything but on the kick the kickers eye browns went down when PS4 came up.

  6. I was debating betwwen xbox one s and ps4 pro, but xbox darker tone may not be as "realistic" as those sony wony's say,but it looks beeter, or should I wait for nx, dun dun dunnnnnnnn.

  7. i appreciate this video, but its deceiving 'cause he upscaled it to 60fps, but the game is locked @ 30fps

  8. I see literally no difference. who the fuck cares? just enjoy your damn system, and get on with your life.

  9. I'd really like to play a kung fu game that has similar fighting mechanics as this. I'm surprised a game like that hasn't been made already.

  10. Haha! Anytime the Xbox One has the better version of a multiplatformer…they fails to mention that. If the PS4 version was better we would've been told in this video.

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