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Mad Max Review


Avalanche Studios’ brutal riff on the wasteland saga nails the heavy, ugly tone of a world on fire, and demands you tear through it.

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Mad Max Review

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  1. Hey I just brought this game because I'm a a fan of the Mad Max series plus a bundle classic PS2 games that include Twisted Metal black and War of the monsters and some other game do you think that a good combo games, because I never play any of them before and I know they classic…

  2. I bought the game while it was on salw for $9.99… After I finished it, it became my favorite game of the year.

  3. Started playing this game recently. Its ok but I wouldn't rate it as high at 8.5. More like a 6-7/10 due to it being so vast yet so limited. It plays well as what it does, but after the first intro mission you've pretty much done everything you can do in the game.

    Its not surprising though. Its made by the guys who made Just Cause. I don't know who keeps giving them money, but they need a bollocking and taught how to make a fun video game for longer than an hour long.

  4. Better than most games. Much better. It NAILS the Mad Max universe so hard that even the movies seem subpar compared to it.
    Extremely underrated even with the occasional repetition.

  5. Got this for £10 on psn. Combat great & love the exploring & destroying camps, only lacking story & characters. 7 out of 10 for me.

  6. I like this reviewer. He sounds like he actually cares about what he is reviewing and not brain dead like the others in IGN

  7. recently downloaded this game and I love it more then Fallout and I'm a fan of that genre since the first game

  8. Arkham's and Max's fighting is very similar but I feel like Max's hits are harder and are actually hitting

  9. The game looks amazing in it´s design, but I wish they made it a bit more intresting. Lets compare the War Boy locations with all of the things like lamps made from bottles and lanterns made from dog food cans and such, to the strongholds and you realize how boring the strongholds are in comparison. And then lets take a look at the characters, Chumbucket is crazy enough to belong in the Mad Max universe so does someone as jumpy as Jeet, and Deep Friah is awesome. But Gutgash and Pinkeye fall flat. And of course the cars instead of staying true to Fury Road where the War Boys have pretty much turned everything they can outfit with a V8 engine into one sweet death machine, they decided to use a bunch of generic muscle car bodies for the Magnym Opus, except for the Die Rolla. They could have used the body of the Golden Tuska for example or why not one Cadillac Coupe DeVille bodies from Imortan Joes car or the Cadillac Eldorado from the Carmada or why not go classic by using the body of the Ol Reliable 1940 Ford pickup truck ?

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