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Lost Castle [Run 1] – Prisoner – Lost Castle Gameplay


Playing a roguelite title that I somehow missed from way back in FEBRUARY (I think)!

Lost Castle is an action RPG beat’em up with roguelike elements and randomized dungeons.

Castle Harwood used to be a castle governed by nobles. Unfortunately, evils had come upon the land and ended the calm days. Peoples were tortured, enslaved, murdered by demons. Gradually, demons wanted a bit more and began to invade surrounding areas. For the humanity, honor and treasures, the braves from far and near come continuously enter Harwood to find the root of all evils…
In the game, you play as a treasure hunter who is also plan to enter Harwood. You want to uphold justice with the sword in your hand, and, by the way, take some treasures. However, Harwood has been eroded by evil. Will everything be as you wish?

Key Features:
– Rogue-like and massive random contents.
– 70+ items and 50+ potions with various effects.
– 100+ weapons and 50+ armor. Various attack actions with different types of weapons.
– Randomly generated dungeons, items, enemies and bosses.
– Sacrifice system: Level up your hero and gain new abilities.
– Singleplayer campaign or co-op for two players.

Lost Castle on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/434650/

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Lost Castle [Run 1] - Prisoner - Lost Castle Gameplay

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  1. XD You totally botched that intro text reading. Reading the "however…" as if it was after a full stop instead of a comma pause… Had me chuckling. :3

    This looks like a neat little game, though. Thanks for sharing it!

    The point of Greed Attack is to get you money, duh. 😛 The statue can be broken by a bomb, as the popup said.

    Range > melee. There's a reason range is almost always weaker than melee per hit. Not having to be in range of a ton of damage helps your survivability.

    THe Forbidden Book didn't "bring" frogs, it transformed enemies into frogs.

    …You had to hit the boss just ONE MORE TIME, and you just kept faffing about with the numpty minions. Bad play there, Alex.

  2. they also should remaster crash bandicoot mind over mutant thats one of the most fun games ive ever played

  3. Is it me or does the jumping feel WAY off. In the original if you jumped on the rope and held forward you'd stay on the rope. In this one you can "slide" off of it. I'd almost say this one is harder because of the added physics. I can't for the life of me figure out the jumping. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Can you die in the bonus rounds and still receive the green gem? Only reason i'm asking is because it doesn't take away a life if you have to restart a bonus round.

  5. how you get the tranparent platform in 2.43.55 i have all other crystals… i think you need the green one for this but i have it… whats wrong… please help

  6. what happens if you miss gems and boxes on the first island, will it effect any future levels?

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