Home Xbox Forum is using a modded xbox controller illegal?

is using a modded xbox controller illegal?


I have seen a lot of people using them on cod4 / cod 5 and i was wondering if it is illegal? if it is what is the ban?

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  1. Using a modded controller is not illegal its just very noobish and if you use one it probably says that that person sucks so bad at playing normally and they need help so they either go out spend 100 bucks on a modded controller or they try to mod it themselve and risk possibly breaking it.all because they blow at that game

  2. It really depends on how modified it is. You can have the auto fire button and different color controllers and all that stuff but if it is too modified its illegal and If most were illegal they wouldnt sell them at regular every day stores

  3. your only cheating yourself would you be happy finally getting your level 50 in halo 3 but you got it with a modded controller no you would be more satisfied reaching level 50 and you did it with a normal controller then you know that you are actually worth the 50

  4. no you have to pay to get the stuff to get the mods like exept for a green light in the middle of the remote controller you can make it blue

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