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Is it good idea to wrap a ps3 console into shopping bag and then put it into its original box?



  1. Absolutely not.

    Matthew’s wrong – you NEVER put any electronic device into any plastic wrap or bag that isn’t static dissipative. Even though PS3’s and other devices are built to withstand idiots who don’t understand ESD problems, the fact is that plastic is one of biggest materials that cause static buildup. It is a common misconception by amateurs that such electronic devices can’t be harmed by ESD.

    The foam and wrap that the PS3 comes in is rated for electronic devices: shopping bags aren’t. Neither is Saran Wrap or bubble wrap, unless it’s ESD rated. Never use Scotch tape or similar tapes on or near electronics either; the static buildup can approach 100,000 volts.

    You’re better off using absolutely nothing rather than something that isn’t ESD rated.

    If you have the original box and foam, just put it in as-is, and make sure you use a good shipping tape on the outside to seal it.

  2. what would be the point? doesn’t seem like it would do any harm unless the bag was plastic like a garbage bag which may have static electricity, which MAY or MAY NOT damage the console.

  3. Only if you’re really that concerned about it. Though I really don’t see what the point is unless you’re moving or taking it somewhere.

  4. First of all wrapping a PS3 in a plastic bag will not damage it for storage purposes even if there was a build up of static electricity. It would make a difference if you wrapped it in a plastic bag and turned the console on as it would simply overheat due to the fans being blocked etc.

    Its not a bad idea but to be honest it is pretty pointless as it will be in its original box and providing the inside of the box is not dirty and dusty the box should be enough.

    But if you want to wrap it in a plastic bag for a bit of added protection by all means do so if it makes you feel better.

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