Home Xbox Games Is Final Fantasy Type-0 HD the RPG for You?

Is Final Fantasy Type-0 HD the RPG for You?


Is Final Fantasy Type-0 HD the RPG for You?

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  1. The story is FUNDAMENTAL in all rpg games (western and eastern alike), no matter how good mechanics may be, if the story is poorly written and/or boring the game is lost for me.

  2. Ugh, the girls are wearing skorts! This is something I can't condone >.> I've seen enough. I'll skip this one, and thanks for posting this vid. Edit Since people don't seem to know what a 'skort' is I might as well explain. I love skirts and sexy anime girls. 'Skorts' are skirts that have shorts made into them underneath. Maybe this is mostly an American thing, I don't know, but that's what I'm referring to.

  3. In my opinion it was a wast of money.
    The UI is not very good, no control over how fast the camera moves.
    The basic traing on how to play at the start is way lacking. Your right the blur is way to much. Then having to restart back to the beginning of a quest when u die is stupid. Then it shows a auto save feature but not one time did it auto save. The setting up your characters is confussing and the help info didnt help me with anything other then the control layout. Then to make it worse u go to the website and there is no dam instruction manual. WTF!
    Off topic here but it sucks when u cant register a game so it in your profile list because u downloaded it.

  4. I really liked this video its like my own except better done and focuses on the positive aspects of the game! Thanks for making it! Nice voice btw

  5. The combat in Final Fantasy Type-0 really impressed me. Can't wait to play more games in the FF series. 

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