1. It will ban your console for good, if you dont get caught atleast. Also this can be consider breaking the law which could lead too being charged with theft as you are stealing from Microsoft. Every account is owned by Microsoft thus they consider it theft. MLG Pro Tsquareds account was hacked and the hacker was charged with theft. Its not that great of an idea, spam there inbox instead! That makes them mad and its legal. Invite them too a private chat and just keep paging them. It floods there Inbox up with your chat invites.

    If you do go with the hacking which I dont recommend, the email thing is a fraud and the software usually is a big old virus.

  2. I believe it depends on the severity of the offense. If it’s something as simple as putting a cheat into a game to enable infinite ammo or something along those lines, it would just be the account that gets banned. If you’re caught using a modded/flashed console then the console itself gets banned along with the account that was caught.

  3. it bans both. thats why you see banned consoles for sale so cheap, as they will never be able to be used on live. #1 reason not to buy a used console from craigslist or something like that with no buyer protection, you dont know if it has been banned.

  4. your console gets banned. Because it used to be the profile but people would just use 48 hr cards to hack then it would get banned they just use another one. Dont hack on xbox live runis the experiece for everyone.

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