Home Playstation Forum I cant connect my Guitar Hero controller to my PS3 HELP!?

I cant connect my Guitar Hero controller to my PS3 HELP!?


Ive followed all the instructions in the book. Ive connected the sensor to the USB turned on the Playstation 3 then pressed the PS button on the guitar it just flashes as does the sensor then all the lights go out. It wont assign the controller, if I turn on the normal wireless controller it is assigned to “2” so something must be happening. I also bought my bro one for xmas and he is having the same problem. Ive followed all the instructions and its highly unlikely that ive bought two faulty guitars so what am I doing wrong? I just wanna play my new game boo hoo!!

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  1. right i ahd the same problem with assassins creed and gitaur hero as well what u do is the ps3 needs a update so if u have conneceted ur ps3 to the internet then go to settings,system update then via intenernet this will search 4 the update it is version 2.10 if your ps3 is not connected to the internet download the update from the ps3 website to a memoery stick and put it in usb slot 1 then upadate via sotrage media and name the file ps3 update and this should work i know this becuase i got the game last week and the same problem happend so i rang up sony and they told me what i just told you

    good luck! =)

  2. never buy a 360.

    dont care how much the online capabalities are better than ps3.

    never buy one unless you want it to all end in frustration and probably wasting $600 trying to get your 360 top notch.

    not worth even concidering buying one.

    i had the same problem too with my PS2 and PS3.

    whats his name is right.

    you need to update your PS3.

    but if it was happening to your ps2, then you are on your own because mine never worked and one day i decided to mess with it again, and it started working so i am not questioning it.

    but anyways, try getting an update off your internet browser off of the PS3.

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