Home Xbox Forum how to save games on xbox 360?

how to save games on xbox 360?


can i rent a game and then save it or burn it to my xbox 360 is that possible

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  1. Yes you can install the game on the hard drive. But you still need the disc to play it. It’s how Microsoft stops d0uches like you from simply renting games and never buying them.

  2. Okay listen to me. This is impossible without a mod chip in your xbox or your xbox is modded. Even if you do mod it, microsoft will get ride of your xbox account. So over all, no.

  3. well you would need a special software to copy a game

    its illigal

    but even if you do save the game to the hard drive

    you still need the disk so it can reconizre it

    i know its retarded but i had to do that because the game got ruind

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