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How to save content on the xbox 360?


Okay i know like you need a hard drive to save content or you can use a Memory unit to save but i wanted to know if there was like a bootleg way that you can save content sick of starting my game over and i just want to know before i use my * hard earned money to buy an hard rive

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  2. If you have a spare USB flash drive, or USB hard drive, with at least 1GB of space, you can use that to save pretty much anything you can save to an official Xbox 360 hard drive. An update that Microsoft released about a year ago allows Xbox 360 users to use their own USB flash drives or hard drives.

    You can only use up to 16GB on up to 2 separate USB storage devices (32GB total). If you connect a 500GB hard drive, the 360 will only see 16GB.

    Other than that and the Xbox 360 hard drive, I dont know of another way.

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