Home Xbox Games how to cheat on tony hawk ride

how to cheat on tony hawk ride


some people say you cant cheat but you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how to cheat on tony hawk ride


  1. lol the parents in the background. they're like "why did we promise them they could play this stupid game."

  2. fuck you asshole why bother cheating the game was designed to be played by standing on it and you and your fucking retarded friend think you have found something cool but you haven't you just shown 1,600 people that your a complete retard.

  3. thats not called cheating its called playing in a retarded way evrey one knows u cn cheat by going to option and u will see the rest

  4. @10Luisao That's a little uncalled for there bud. They're just kids being kids. Lighten up man.

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