Home Xbox Forum How do you hook up two xboxes to xbox live?

How do you hook up two xboxes to xbox live?


If I have a Ethernet cord with internet access and I want to split the signal somehow so I can hook up two xboxes to xbox live. How would I go about doing this and what should I buy?
Also I only have one cable the internet is coming out of, it’s a Ethernet cord coming out of the wall.

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  1. all u need is ethernet i think. google it yo. you could just use wifi to lan or just normal online or what not

  2. if your modem has multiple plug ins then all you need is a 2nd ethernet chord. if its a single plug in then you need a router ( which works like a splitter sorta) so that you can plug in both ethernet chords. my modem has a place to plug in 4 seperate devices, which is what most routers should have.

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