Home Xbox Forum how do the red ring of death come to the xbox 360?

how do the red ring of death come to the xbox 360?


how does it come to the xbox 360 and did they prevent this in the new ones like xbox 360 slim!

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  1. The RROD is caused by two things.

    1) Too much heat inside the xbox that melts the thermal paste that glues the heatsinks to the CPU and GPU.

    2) The x clamps holding the heatsinks on the motherboard get loose.

    They fixed the 360 (S) but adding a much better ventilation system and higher quality fans. They also restructured the motherboard so that there is only one heatsink but unfortunately it is still held in place by a x clamp.

  2. Causes for the Red Ring of Death

    There are two broad reasons why your Xbox 360 will flash the red ring of death:

    1.) When the console is getting insufficient power. This can be readily identified and easily fixed without having to open up the console.

    2.) The other more serious cause for the red ring of death is overheating of your Xbox. The Xbox overheats because of various design problems.

    Sometimes overheating will trigger the three red light condition (red ring of death) before any damage has occurred. In such cases you will have to pamper your Xbox in various ways (described in the troubleshooting procedure) to keep it from overheating.

    However, overheating (or repeated overheating) can also damage the motherboard. If this is the case, then repair of some kind will be necessary. You can either send your Xbox back to Microsoft if you have a valid warranty or you can do the repair yourself (see the “Repairing Your XBox” section below).

    The heat problem and the Xbox design issues that contribute to the red ring of death.

    for more info on the last section its to much to copy paste heres the link:

    [url is not allowed].

    the new xbox slim doesent have the problem i dont know how they manged that but its more safer to get the new xbox

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