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Has your Xbox 360 ever overheated?


Just asking to see how many people have had the problem.

I’m really looking into buying an Xbox 360,but don’t want to risk spend that much money on it, just to have it overheat. :^(

And don’t tell me im sucking up to sony!

I don’t like the PS3 and thats why i’m asking about the 360!

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  1. NO, it has never overheated. I purchased the Halo 3 Special edition the day it came out and have played it for a couple of 12 hour stretches and have never had a problem. I keep it in the vertical position and well ventilated. I love my 360 and would not even give it up for my girlfriend, LOL!

  2. Mine did once, I called microsoft and they sent a refurbished one that was in my hands in 1 week, no questions asked, thanks to their 3 year warranty on every system. That was it, no big deal really. The new ones have updated components so you don’t have to worry about the overheating problem if you buy a new one.

  3. I’m on my sixth console. Finally they gave me one that runs cooler. So yes it has overheated, and no, not recently.

  4. Of course.

    Don’t be scared, it has never been unsafe to buy one because of the 3 year warranty. And your best bet is to buy the 360 elite, or a new model this Spring as the new chips and 360 Elite are good buys and have a very VERY small chance of getting the Red Ring of Death. ♪♪

  5. i have left my halo 3 special edition on for 24 hours and it has not over heated. i have used it laying down and standing up. only the first 360s over heated

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