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Gran Turismo 5 vs Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit PS3?


Posted this a few weeks back.was told NfS since Gran Turismo had been pushed back.but now its scheduled for the 24th or something like that. Which one is best?

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  1. GT5 is a driving simulation game, its just. REALISTIC. if you have a good gaming steering wheel its like driving for real. It has the best graphics in the history of video games, and it has over 1000 cars.

    NFS its an arcade game. normal graphics. Its better for younger people (5-15)

    I go with GT5 already pre ordered it 😀

  2. One game revisits the almost always entertaining arcade racing style involving fast supercars (both in regular and police schemes).

    One game is the ultimate driving simulator and looks to redefine that concept entirely while bringing graphics that are nothing short of breathtaking.

    Pick whatever you are in the mood for. Even though GT5 is sure to offer a hell of a lot more content in the game compared to Pursuit, there is no “best”, since both games look to cater to different audiences.

  3. well i was saving up for GT5 but then NFS HP got really good reviews so i was gonna go buy it until GT5 came out. but since GT5 is released on the 24th now im gonna get GT5.

    I will get Hot Pursuit after but ill wait a while for now!

  4. Whoever said NFS is for ages 5-15 is trolling. I’ve personally been sick of the Need For Speed series since Hot Pursuit 2, so the new HP was the first I’ve been excited for in a long, LONG time. I tend to play video games for excitement and to have fun.

    That’s not to say GT5 won’t be fun, but it won’t be MY kind of fun. I drive an hour a day to and from work, so the last thing I want to do is drive some super-realistic car in a sim when I get home. I want to run bastards off the road.

    I’ve bought every single GT game and wound up selling them eventually because I just never felt compelled to unlock everything, I’m not a car junkie like that. But hell, GT5 looks DAMN nice and I might ask it for Christmas. But for that adrenaline rush, Hot Pursuit was definitely worth my money.

  5. Hard to choose! I love both series.

    NFS: HP is a lot of fun. I still have the demo installed on my PS3, it really gives you a sense of speed, plenty of action driving, and finally lets us drive as the cop! Its almost never gets old, I still have my NFS: carbon for the nintendo gamecube and im still not tired of playing it.

    GT5 is a racing unlike no other i’ve played. I tried out the demo prologue of gran turismo in the stores and the way the car feels driving feels very real. The full game, which is schedualed on Nov. 24th, will be much bigger with less bugs and glitches. The game will feature 1000 different cars, 70 different tracks, and you can make your own racing course. It’s also the first Gran turismo to support online mulitplayer (up to 16 other players, i think), Graphics will be incredible, improved physics, both internal and external damage, even an engine deformation if you really try and screw up your car. There will be weather, and depending on the weather will determine how you should drive (snow = slippery turns / rain = decreased visibility ect just like real life) From Go-Karts to NASCAR this game has it all. Gran Turismo 5 will be the biggest racing game in gaming history to date.

    Yo should get both, they’re both great games! But if you’re getting one for now I’d say go with Gran Turismo 5 first, Then get NFS later.

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