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Good games for playstation 3 for girls?


I’ve got blackops2 that’s the only shooting game I like and I’m 14 btw no stupid little girl games?

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  1. There r lots of ps3 gamez but none of the r girls games like little girl stuff i could tell u a lot of games but im not sure exactly what genre and style of gameplay u like so ill try my best

    since u all ready have call of duty get fighting games mlrtal kombat tekken street fighter u could play a charactor as a girl in there and they r really fun games

    get saints row 3 complete edition it is sort of like gta but way funner and funnier and was released in 2011 it has a great story u coulf play the lead charactor as a girl 2 and it comes with all the DLC’s cuz its full edition

    racing games r awesome so try nfs:most wanted+gran turismo

    Get farcry3 it has a awesome story many missions 2 do and side missions and it is very realistic

    sports games r fun everybody has a fav team and at least a few sports games like madden 13 pes 13 fifa 13 nba 2k13 wwe 13 if u like wrestling

    if u like the really 100% awsome story/gameplay get assasins creed revelaition its very cool there is a huge place to explore a long story andaweaome missions

    if ur into rpg get skyrim:the elder scrolls fallout i dont really play those gamez but i hear they r good
    i hope i helped

  2. The new tomb raider! It is not for babys! The last of us! God of war! Sly and cooper thieves in Time! I think that you would like those games but god of war is more like a boys game (i know cuz im a 14 year old boy) but the others you may like!

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