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Freezes/crashes on PS3?


Basically, i’ve owned my new 3rd Generation PS3 80GB for just over a month. (Yeah the Slim would have been cheaper, but i love the look of the phat’s.)

Anyway, since i’ve owned the console it’s crashed about 10 times so far.

For example on Medal Of Honor after selecting Multiplayer, it crashed.

MotoGP 09/10, after selecting rider about to select circuit, it crashed.

I’ve also had a few crashes on Call Of Duty: Black Ops and 1 earlier on CoD4, when my internet just turned off causing online to crash.

My console has good ventilation, but i do use it quite a bit, so i sort of hope the freezes are down to the usage. The disk’s are scratch-free. However, i do play a game for about 20 minutes, then quit and play another, i was told that pressing the PS button often can cause and overheat?

I’m worried, and i really hope i haven’t purcahsed a faulty PS3, i also fear that if i take it back to GAME, i’ll get a Slim in return for it. Also, another question, the Manufacturer warranty, does that begin as soon as the item is used?

Many thanks!

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  1. Manufacturer warranty begins when it is bought new. It is probably overheating. That is my guess. I would bring it back. It is better to get your money back then to lose all of it.

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