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Fixing scrathed xbox 360 disc?


So i just bought Dragon Age. One day, I wanted to inspect the beauty of my paintjob (Since i painted my xbox), and i titled my xbox while the disc was inside.spinning.God im stupid!! I heard a horrible chainsaw like sound and i opened the disc tray as fast as i could. The once flawless disc has a scratch that runs around 3/4 of the circumfrence of the disc. I throw it into my box and it begins to load, then starts creating this grinding sound that pulsates every 1 second or so. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this problem? I tried shampoo and trutle wax, neither has worked.

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  1. ps3 fanboys stop spreading plagues in the xbox question spot. go to a game store and see if they can fix it if not then you may need to buy a new one. also if you install your games to your hard drive then it wont scratch the disc(this is best with the new xbox which comes with 250gb) look up some youtube videos it will show you that when you install it and let it load up and stuff then you can shake the xbox(idk if it works on the normal xbox but it should)and the disc wont get scratch

  2. Well, I used to hear rumors about boiling your disk(Google it), for the older xbox and sometimes it would fix the scratches or problems, but if it’s a big scratch and indented deep, then you won’t get it out.

  3. I send my scratched games to CDFixers.com. They will professionally refinish your game disc back to new condition for really cheap. They guarantee their work too or your money back. Mine looks great and works perfectly.

  4. No possible way to fix your damaged xbox games

    switch to ps3 and you’ll never have scratched disks again

  5. A couple of years ago, I tripped over my plug and play wire and pulled my xbox over. My COD4 disk got scratched. Luckily, the only affected part was one of the single player missions which I had already got past in the campaign so i’ve never bothered trying anything more than a cloth.

    However, you can go to your local game shop and see if they have a scratch remover. My local ‘Chips’ does and they can work really well sometimes.

    However, it depends which part of the data you have corrupted on the disk. By the sounds of it, you have messed up part of the disk required for start-up.

    My advise would be to go to your nearest games shop and see if they have a scratch remover. If they don’t, see if they know of any other local game shops that have one.

    Good luck!

    Oh, and btw, don’t buy a PS3. They are rubbish. The unscratchable disks is about the only plus point. The only arguement they have as to why PS3 is better is “free online” and my response is always, “You pay for quality.”

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