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Final Fantasy XV All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD


Final Fantasy XV All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD

Final Fantasy VII - E3 2015 Trailer | PS4

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    I'll keep this spoiler free for those of you who just came by for a peek.

    It's been 10 years since this game has been first announced, and for a while there it seemed like a game destined to be lost in the ether. There is a lot of anxiety amongst fans that this game will never live up to the hype; that it can't possibly climb the mountain of expectations that comes along with 10 years of build up. Make no mistake, Final Fantasy 15 not only lives up to the hype, but exceeds every expectation imaginable

    COMBAT: For those of you who played the demo, you have a good idea about how the combat works. On the surface, it's a fairly simple action RPG. Hold the attack button, and Noctis does all the work. But of course, at its core, it is a deeply complex system deeply rooted in RPG elements. You'll have to master different tactics for different enemies. You can craft spells, upgrade certain weapons, use different team tactics etc. Every enemy has different weapons/elements that they are strong and weak against. Against low level enemies, it's fairly easy to just hold the attack button and dodge every now and again. But against stronger enemies, you'll have to make sure to use the right weapons, parry, and use your team wisely. It's a brilliant system that is fun against both low and high level enemies. It helps that it looks amazing, and the animation always makes you feel powerful. That was one of the biggest issues with Final Fantasy XIII. The combat system was actually fun, but only once you got to higher level enemies. Against low levels it was downright boring. FF15 puts the power back in the players hands.

    STORY AND CHARACTERS: Final Fantasy stories tend to be pretty heavy handed on the melodrama. I'm happy to say that this game is light on that. It's still there for sure, but most of the story and characters felt natural to me. There is nice chemistry between the 4 companions, and genuinely amusing banter. I finished the main story in 25 hours. I was going at break neck speed, for the purposes of what we do on this channel, and I was definitely under level for much of the campaign. I can see a normal playthrough taking up to 35-40 hours if you take the time to be at proper level. The story is immensely satisfying, and is filled with humor, raw emotion, and has a real weight that makes you feel invested in the outcome.

    OPEN-WORLD: There are TONS of things to do in the open world. There are mini-games like an arena wager game, arcade games, Chocobo races, fishing and much more. There are innumerable sidequest, hunts, dungeons and secrets throughout the map. At this point, as a group we've put in over 60 hours in the game, and there is still so much to do. I feel like you can get a minimum of 200 hours out of the game if you wanted to find everything. Maybe even 300. There is always something to do to change the pace from what you're currently doing.

    OVERALL: There is no such thing as a perfect game. Every game has its flaws. Final Fantasy XV is not an exception. While the gameplay is much more fluid than it was in the demo, it can still feel sluggish at times. It helps if you have a PS4 PRO to make it smoother. Your teammates sometimes do dumb things that put you in danger like not reviving you when they're right next to you. Or Prompto rushing the enemy when he's a distance character. The camera can be wonky in tight spaces. I can see long time fans not enjoy the new battle system. The car can be really frustrating at first, until you start upgrading it. I have never been a hardcore RPG player, so I personally enjoy a more action oriented system compared to a turn based style. They definitely reached for a wider audience here.

    There are many flaws, BUT for this game, the sum is greater than its parts. To me, its not a question of whether this is the game of the year or not; that's a given. The question is, is this the game of the decade? Where does it rank along side the all time greats? I haven't had this much fun enjoying a game since Ocarina of Time. You get that same feeling when you first walk out on Hyrule Field. The boss battles are majestic. You feel that same awe you did when you first saw the Hydra in God of War. The story left me stunned and emotional at times. This game reminds you why you play games at all. Why you play through all the disappointments, why you keep playing even as you grow older. The sense of exploration and mystery always keeps you going. If you take anything away from reading this it's this: DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO YET, PLAY THE GAME. EXPERIENCE THIS GAME, THEN COME BACK!

    To give this game anything less than a 10 would be an insult. At least for me, this is a masterpiece.


  2. Seriously – is there a such thing as a 'happy ending' in Final Fantasy anymore? Have we really reached the point where 'everyone has to die'? I hate to tell FF this, but Aeris dying isn't what made FF7 a great game. It was everyone else LIVING. This story is completely empty due to everyone you invested in dying at the end. Games are NOT movies, and killing everyone at the end really saps one's motivation to play the game and invest in these characters again.

    Imagine if you play'd Legend of Zelda, only to see Gannon kill everyone; her, ,link and himself – and then the "the end' credits flashed. That's how this feels. Oh…but don't worry – because Link and Zelda pork in the afterlife. Really?

  3. god I wish the guys were real. as someone with no friends it sucks seeing these characters with such amazing bonds. I guess I'm jealous more or less. their not just game characters they are 'real' people and they teach us things that a real breathing human couldn't, they teach us things about ourselves and they inspire us to do things we couldn't even dream of and we aspire to be like them. I just wish I could meet them..

  4. When I realized his father sent him away because he knew Insomnia was about to be destroyed, I literally cried. Like it's fine, I didn't need my heart anyways

  5. one thing i will say is the game was rushed when it just skips 10 years later but overall i really like the story

  6. Quite an epic storyline if a little bit over the top for my liking but I'm glad i got to see the scenes. One king's journey to the end to give salvation back to the people. Definitely has all the makings for a movie and the summons are nothing short of beautiful. Love Shiva's version of Diamond Dust used against Ifrit here. 🙂 That camp fire scene prior to them heading to the final battle makes more sense now.

  7. Pretty kick-ass game, but I need a little bit more explanation of who the hell Ardyn is
    Also, poor Noctis, did his best, but didn't get to be with his bros…. his chocobros….

  8. so so much better than that crap they call 13 and it spin offs . 13 made me sick that was nothing good about it. the fighting in this reminds of me 12

  9. Game mechanics are astounding. Story-wise: UTTER DISSAPPOINTING!!! The early trailers got me lit for it over the years (like I wanted see this forced showdown with this other girl with similar power sets) yet instead of the original scenarios, they took the easy way out with this mundane plotline. I'm riding my hopes on Final Fantasy 7 blowing my mind, cos this stole hours of my life away!

  10. I realized earlier that they're using Unreal Engine 4 like it came from Mobius Final Fantasy. Please, someone, tell me…
    I'm a bit confused

    Also, Re: Final Fantasy 7

  11. Two years since its reveal and I'm still getting goosebumps all over my body. I just remember, it was 4am in the morning, I really wanted to see the Sony Press Conference, so I did. I didn't really expect much. Was happy to see The Last Guardian back on screen and stuff… but when this trailer came, I very quiet. As soon as the music started, I knew I've heard that somewhere before. I mean, I have watched Advent Children way too often in my life, of course I knew that soundtrack! I didn't think that it would be a FFVII Remake though. Maybe just a reused soundtrack for a newer title? Who knew! So I kept watching and after a while… I had to sit up and watch closely. I had a really small phone screen back then, but it was enough… I was all like "No? Or…? Nooooo….? NOOO! OH MY GOD!" — Final Fantasy VII …. REMAKE — "OH GOD!" and I literally started crying… I've been waiting so long for this to finally be a thing. Seriously looking forward to it. I am a bit afraid to how they will handle things, but I am certain they will make it, once again, an epic experience 🙂

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