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Collect Gamerscore on xbox while offline?


is it possible

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  1. Yes gamerscore and achievements are seperate from xbox live, but some achievements require xbox live such as gears of war 1 and 2 and other games. some games are completely offline.

  2. these answers are slightly wrong but mostly right for some achievements you need to be connected to xbox live for example halo ODST complete a level on xbox live solo on legendary without firing a shot but these achievements are very rare maybe 1 per game

  3. You will still accrue the gamerscore for game acievements while playing offline. The only achievement scores you won’t be able to get is ones that are specifically for online play, but otherwise they still get added.

    If you were to log into the Xbox live website, your score would appear as the old one, but as soon as you connect your Xbox to live, this gets updated and will show up then.

  4. Yes gamerscore is able to be unlocked offline. Now some achievements are unable to be unlocked offline (unless you’re modding it). These are achievements such as ones that require you to play matchmaking multiplayer co-op. Now once you have unlocked these achievements offline they will not show up on you XBox Live profile until you connect to XBox Live and connect and update to the server.

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