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CGR Undertow – STRIKE SUIT ZERO review for PC


CGR Undertow - STRIKE SUIT ZERO review for PC


  1. I came here for a review, but what I've got is a guy jacking off to the game and giving  superficial information about the experience with his half-assed "dramatic" narrative. Don't take this the wrong way, but nothing that this guy said in this 3 minute review got me interested in the game. With that, the only thing in this review that really got my attention was the game footage presented in the video.

  2. I believe homeworld did the best plot with characters you knew only by voice. It is the best rts story and no one say so otherwise.

  3. If anyone wants another good space flight game
    try Freespace 2 (the first one can just be modded in)
    it is still considered the best space flight today
    its available on GOG

  4. The quality of games can be compared to the quality of cars; back in the day men and women took the time and effort to design great works of art when it came to cars. Now they're just fragile, cheap-material vehicles that are processed faster, and are more expensive; just like games.

  5. wanna see this reviewer review cosmic carnage 😉
    and make it sound like…an intergalatic symphony of triumph and gore?

  6. Well, you've convinced me to get it. I guess I would've anyway, since I tend to like mechs. And space fights. But you certainly brought attention to it for me. I didn't even know it was in the Steam Store.

  7. Oh shit, it wasn't made by a Japanese Studio. You would thing that since there are a lot of mech shows and the like..

  8. I thought this game will be focused on Mecha battles, but still looks good anyways.
    Reminds me on Free Space 🙂

  9. This guy is 100000000000000x better than Ryan. He gave a very informative review, and he didn't sound like a fucking marketer for the game. Hate that shit.

  10. I love video games and talking about them. That's why I'm so enthusiastic, EXCspecially when I really enjoyed a game.

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