Home Playstation Forum Can PS3’s From Asia Work Here In The US!?

Can PS3’s From Asia Work Here In The US!?


Ok , My Grandmother IS Coming From Asia And I Want To Know If They Have PS3’s In Asia.

If They Do How Much Is It And In What Citys!//

So If My Grandmother Brings A PS3 From Asia Can It Work Here In The US.

Please Help!?

10 Points To The Best Answer!?!

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  1. dude one word NNNNNOOOOOOOO! do not do that i bought one from the philippines and then i moved to the US i bought games and i couldn’t play them because of region code restriction.

    the region code of the games in the US is 1 this can be found on the side of the box of the games under the title it looks like a small square with a number and the globe in it.

    i had to buy another one when i got to the US i had to resell it in the philippines.

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