Nintendo Wii Unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrRdyOjabNc
This is my phone call with a lady from Ebay Customer service, totally insane, trying to get my money back after I was scammed because the guy from China sent me a rock and some bits instead of my Xbox One. Some swearing!
All images are used under Creative Commons/Public Domain.
I own the Copyright to the recorded call and video.


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  1. Everyone's like I feel sorry for the people who work at microsoft! Are you fucking serious!!! Do you feel sorry for the Nazi soldiers that had to work for hitler!!!???? Bunch of idiots kissing the ass of these parasites that choose to work for a evil company!

  2. I hate people that report it ruins it also it says I can't go online due to past behavior any advice cuz I did nothing and I went to the webpage where I check my account and it said I had a perfect record no bans it's weird someone help plz

  3. LoL…I can't play xbox for a day…how am I supposed to survive. LMAO!!! Its called getting a job….loser.

  4. These xbox live enforcement twats seriously need to get a life. Its a fucking video game, not an olympic event. As long as nobodys hacking, leave them fucking be. Im just glad battlefront isnt like this, people leave matches all the fucking time with no consequences and theres no retarded matchmaking system that slows down searches. Yeah its annoying but they purchased the fucking game and have a right to stop playing whenever they please

  5. advanced warfare is rude they told I'm not aloud to even play zombies this is stupid i hate games

  6. I got banned and I played 1 time online and I quit cause I kept getting killed

  7. That guy CAM is an absolute jackass, the girl could only do so much on her side. Personally I would've banned him for a year for him being a wanker

  8. why the people are banned forever? They could just block the massage and party function very very bad Xbox

  9. I think  Microsoft should removed the band suspended cause now Microsoft is getting hated and no one is buying a lot of xbox 360 instead the playstation 3 and playstation 4 so Microsoft should be shame for their self and feel sorry about this

  10. Fake. The only time eBay will warn a Customer for profanity is when it pertains directly to the representative or the company. To resolve this issue, the representative will ask the customer to file something like an online report for fraud as far as I know.

  11. that's why you don't order great deals from china… you're going to get ripped off every time.

  12. Paypal would have opened a ticket given the guy 1 month to respond and then either email you response or refund your paypal. They did for me and I never received anything for my money.
    Paypal do not run tickets over the phone. And since when do companies give you the recording warning in the middle of a conversation?
    This is just a total bullshit post. He even gives his subscriber name as the place to find the video instead of just emailing the link.

  13. You didn't respect the rock dude. It should be on your mantelpiece.
    If you get two rocks from your garden maybe they will give you $400

  14. hahahahahahhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainfinity

  15. you should have just opened a case as soon as you got it with ebay and you would have gotten your money back, i think it's 30 days after sale that you have to report something wrong. if you ever buy something and the seller is saying it's on it's way, always open a case with ebay before the 30 days are up, just encase it never arrives, or is a rock!

  16. Ebay call centre do not have any Scottish operatives, nor would they continue after the second instance of swearing, it would simply be, 'click'

  17. Stupid. You purchased the item a year ago and your asking for a refund. Dont hate ebay hate your seller asshole

  18. Man you have been rube to China, and you if the chinese people seen that ,you are gonna get beat bro

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