Home Videos ★★★★★ 1000 TOP RATED – You Can Just Buy PS4 Trophies Now

★★★★★ 1000 TOP RATED – You Can Just Buy PS4 Trophies Now


★★★★★ 1000 TOP RATED - You Can Just Buy PS4 Trophies Now


  1. Who the fuck actually cares about trophies or achievements…..if you do go, outside more often and get a goddamn social life.

  2. Am I the only one concerned with the Hokusai painting used as avatar/background? I wonder how that works legally.

    Aaand .. yup, if it's old enough, all is good, apparantly. But if you use photographs of the pieces in question, the images themselves are owned? But then I found an interview of an attorney stating stuff how it would still be public domain if it is an unadorned picture.

    Sooo. I did learn something new.

  3. Are people really this desperate for virtual achievements? This is the same nonsense that the Zombie tank game Jim reviewed a couple weeks back where the "game" isn't a game instead just an achievement dispenser, or is there something that I am missing? Is this part of a new way to help scammers scam better by coming off as more trustworthy through the logic of "well this guy has all of these achievements, I'm sure s/he wouldn't want to lose all of them by being banned".

    Alternatively: am I just applying too much logic to a bunch of peddlers trying to make a quick buck from lazy people with too much money?

  4. I know it is different than this, but at a certain point in Nier: Automata, you can buy trophies with the money earned in game.

  5. There's also "Slide 'N' Go" or something along those lines available on the PS4 store. Although that one actually has more effort out into it than this…thing.

  6. christ. I genuinely love sliding tile puzzles but even I wouldn't spend money on this shit…
    I wouldn't get this for free.

  7. I know Jim likes to keep his stuff ad free, but recently when i load up one of his videos i often get an ad. It's always the same ad though, every time. It's for a game on steam called Road Redemption, which looks like a kinda crappy Road Rash style motorbike game with awful sound effects lol. This can't be a coincidence. I think the Steam Cleaner needs to investigate….

  8. What exactly is the point though? Why make a game souly for sponging up trophies? THEY DON'T DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! It's not like they unlike special features in your PS4 or something, they just inflate an arbitrary number. Like? This has to be kids and such who just want to gloat at their friends for having a higher score or something, right? Right?!

  9. Apparently sony finally did something right and removed *** 1000 top rated from the psn store, the psn stores going through some chemo therapy

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