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Xbox One Choose Your Game Bundle Unboxing!


Xbox One Choose Your Game Bundle Unboxing!

5 Reasons Minecraft is GREAT on Xbox One S | Minecraft Favourites Bundle 4K


  1. I just found one of these left over at Walmart from the holidays. Picked it up for 249$ because I don't like the SLIM at all. The PS4 Slim isn't much better, but enh, I deal with it. I just like the size, the controller is better, and actually it boots up FASTER than the S model. Also S models are notorious for the UHD player not working right, clicking fans, and also the white and other colors are just ugly imo. Oh well. I always like original things better. :0)

  2. if y'all got that bundal what game would you pick. I would pick either rare replay or forza

  3. So let me know in the comments if you're a pussy that cuts themselves on cardboard boxes and whines about it. Ha

  4. I got this,chest present I ever got for Christmas.. it's so much better than the original xbox one

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