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Xbox Live Gold Review – Xbox One | Xbox 360


TSC Gaming’s Fred Richani reviews the Xbox Live Gold service on Xbox One / Xbox 360 and explains why it might be worth it for you, the gamer! Games featured in this review: Cobalt from Mojang, Goat Simulator from Coffee Stain Studios / Double Eleven, and The Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games. Subscribe to TSC Gaming for more game reviews, playthroughs, and much more: https://www.youtube.com/TSCGaming
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Xbox Live Gold Review - Xbox One | Xbox 360

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  1. hey, question for you. I will be buying the Xbox 1 s for my son's birthday. He wants the Minecraft bundle, which for what I read, has 500 GB. but now that I saw your video, and he will be getting free games with the gold subscription, would 500 GB be enough?

  2. I just got an Xbox one s and my wife also got me the gold 6 months.how and where do I get the games they give for having the gold for the 6 months? the last system I had was a nes when I was a kid.that was a long time ago.please if anyone knows let me know. thanks

  3. Hey, Ust wodering dince im getting an xbox one in 16 days my first question is Do I need a credit card to download free games and my secobd question is Can I get previous FREE games from thr month before that i missed.??

  4. I feel that they should just drop XBLG, have more sales on games, and make multiplayer free. I mean, look at how limited games like halo 5 are. You can't even play forge offline

  5. Good review but two question's , it says before u buy it theres could be applicable tax, is it a lot and when does it apply ?
    And the free games , can u play them after u finish you're membership ?

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