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Xbox 360 Wired Controller?


How do you get the controller to connect to the console, everytime I plug it in it the guide button blinks but thats it, I can turn on my system with it but it just doesnt seem to connect to anything. I have it plugged in the front.

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  1. theres a button next to the memory slot that you need to press, and when you press it make sure you had holded and pressed the xbox button and there should be another button that looks like the one near the memory slot and it should be connected it’s just not enough to plug it in

  2. this is the step by step tutorial if your really mad and dnt think you can do any thing else to fix it.

    1. take the wire out of the controller it has one.

    2. get your car keys.

    3. take the controller outside.

    4. put it on the ground.

    5. get in your car and ride over the * piece of * controller( you will feel really good, trust me).

    6. go buy awireless one.

    good luck and hope this helps 🙂

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