Home Videos Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 4 (CPU)

Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 4 (CPU)


Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 4 (CPU)


  1. Save up 500$
    Build a PC (pirate the OS)
    Torrent your games
    Save more $ than buying a console in the long run

  2. how about we all just go turn these lame ass consoles into pcs and everyone can be happy

  3. U MESSED UP THE THUMBNAIL IT SAYS XBOX360 OVER A PS3 AND PS3 OVER A XBOX360 Im editing this message and i realised i had caps lock on

  4. It looks like AMD borrowed the cpu design from the ps3 for the fx lineup(I kbow it did not but it's interesting how simmiliar it is).

  5. Why do you say some words in short-hand?

    Like, "HMI" when you mean to say "HDMI,"

    Or "prossing" when you mean to say, "Processing?"

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