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xbox 360 question plz help?


so here’s the problem. occasionally when I try to play halo 3 and maybe other games I go to my xbox on the dashboard and select the play halo 3 thing.then like 2 outta 10 times a black screen comes up and the xbox freezes and i gotta restart it, my xbox is like 2 and half weeks old.i mean i don’t have any problems in the dashboard or in the game like it NEVER freezes on me when I’m doing anything else just that transition from the dashboard to the game.could it be the game or something else? I keep it well ventilated and dust free. I appreciate it because If i gotta return it i can return it at the store this week.thank you.

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  1. have you updated the dashboard i have heard it can do some damage it can happen early when you get your xbox or later here is the link i found i dont no if it will help [url is not allowed]

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    [url is not allowed];_ylt=Ajlr3q.istds0KAw2RxNIEIjzKIX;_ylv=3?p=xbox+360+gets+black+screen+and+freezes

    It’s possible there’s a failed game update for CoD5 on your Hard Drive. Clear your Cache

    NXE Way:

    1) My XBOX Channel

    2) System Settings

    3) Memory

    4) Press Y

    5) Enter X X LB RB X X

    6) Select Yes

    Consoles without NXE:

    1) System Blade

    2) Memory

    3) Press Y

    4) Enter X X LB RB X X

    5) Select Yes

    NOTE: The NXE way may not be entirely correct as I have not cleared the cache since downloading the NXE

  2. it could be a scratched disc, does this only happen with halo 3? if other games work fine get a new halo, if it happens with all games get an exchange

  3. before you return it, tell ur the people at the place u bought the xbox and if they give u advice on how to fix it then do it. but if it still keeps doin that then return it or u could exchange it 4 a new one

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