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Why can’t I adopt kids in skyrim(Xbox 360)?


I killed Grelod the kind and talk to the Artino kid and constance michel just keeps saying “You shouldn’t be here.” Also, I never got the letter from the courier saying i could have kids and I bought the game with the DLC already on the disc. The kids outside Honorhall (Blaise, Lucia, Sofie, etc.) don’t even show up in my game. I went to whiterun, Katla’s farm, etc. No kid to be adopted. Im now level 28 and live in the biggest house in the game with the kids rooms set up any suggestions? Also would a new disc help in this situation? Please and thank you.

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  1. You’ve got to have the Hearthfire DLC, it’s cheap so buy it.

    In order to adopt children you need to have children bedrooms in your house that you can buy. You can adopt all children in the orphanage if you have enough beds.

    Also, with the Hearthfire DLC you can make your own houses, by first buying plots of land and then building your house with materials.

    Have fun

  2. Are you sure you have a CHILD’s room in Proudspire? It should be a big room upstairs with two beds, a map, a table and a chest, next to the master bedroom, first door on the left as you come up the stairs. If you have that, then you should be able to adopt. You might need to uninstall and reinstall the DLC, it might be missing some game data.

    After you killed Grelod, did you go back and talk to the Arentino kid? Did he give you the Arentino family heirloom? Does the quest “innocence lost” say it is finished, in your quest journal? Have you slept in a bed since then? Met Astrid? You might have to do all of that. If all else fails, you might have to reload an earlier save and try it again.

  3. You must have the “Hearthfire” add-on.

    Build or buy a children’s bedroom (bed and chest)

    You will be allowed only two adoptions.

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