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Where can i buy a ps3?


hi, im wondering where i can find a NEW ps3 80gb, preferably the MGS bundle.

please no ebay/amazon links

thank you =]
you guys must give me a valid site that is IN STOCK in order to get the points.
Update 2:
Do you guys not see that theyre ALL sold out?i need VALID links.

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  1. those are hard to find because there discontinued the 80gb and the mgs bundle is hard to get but they are sold out but more shippments r coming out soon so call everywhere you can everyday if you want it that bad because need to get there early hoped this helped 🙂

  2. Go searching online. Not ebay but other places. And the 80gb sucks, for ps2 owners. It can only play a few ps2 games. Last week i got a brand new 60gb for 270$. It can play pretty much all ps2 games

  3. first of all the 80gb is sold out every where so it took me at least 5min to find it out here is a link but you better buy it right away before it goes away in return just give me ten points and good luck

  4. They were all sold out on the first day. All 700,000 units if the 80gb are sold out until next shipment.

    You can probably buy a PS3 in ~2-3 months when the MGS hype goes down.

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