Home Xbox Forum what does one red ring and error 74 mean on xbox 360?

what does one red ring and error 74 mean on xbox 360?


i turn my xbox on and it has some code on it. It also has one ring on it. Is this worse than 3 rings? How long does it take to fix?

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  1. unfortunately, that might mean a problem with your hard drive. try taking out your hard drive and see if your xbox works. if it still doesn’t work or you have an arcade i don’t know what is wrong

  2. I’d consider it worse because the 3 rings is just an overheating problem. Don’t fix it yourself because I haven’t heard of any success stories with e74. Send it in. But definitely check your hard drive first

  3. If you have a warranty on your 360 then you have nothing to worry about just send it to microsoft and they will attempt to fix it and if they cant they send you a new one with a free month of live but it takes about a month or so to receive your new or fixed 360. But you can track where your 360 is at anytime. I have already had this problem.

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