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What do you get if you pre order a normal version of Assasins Creed 2 for XBOX 360.?


i dont wanna get the “limited edition” i dont care about a statue of the dude, an art book, any of that. i just care about the actual game. if u pre order a ordinary version of the game for 360 what do u get? any extra weapons? locations? missions? abilities? what. please tell all u get for pre ordering a normal version of Assasins Creed 2 for the XBOX 360. and i suppose the different types of “Limited and Special” editions to see if i might get that. person to list the most things gets

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  1. Ugh. these pre-orders are getting ridiculous.

    At least with Fable 2 you actually got some bonus items to use in game that gave you a little extra strength and power.

    Gears of War 2 pre-orders received the GOLD weapons.

    With Ghostbusters Gamestop and Best Buy had different perks (characters to play as – online).

    With ODST you had to pre-order from gamestop in order to unlock Sgt. Johnson.

    For just $150 you get some cheesy night vision goggles with COD: MW2 (actual value online for that model NVG was around $65 each).

    In what I pray is a failed experiment, Assasins Creed has taken it to a whole new level with 3 or 4 options ranging from figurines to bonus missions. But in answer to you question if you get the plain jane version you will not get any additional content. Also, there’s no assurance that content will ever become available as a pay-for-use and/or free DLC.

    It’s your call but if you do decide to go LE then I’d recommend BLACK since it includes 3 bonus missions whereas WHITE is only 1.

    Good luck, happy gaming!

  2. You get. THE GAME!

    Any extras you get will depend on the offers being made by the store you pre-order it from. Gamestop, for example, will provide a code to unlock the Palazzo Medici. Best buy is offering $10 in savings with a pre-order.

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