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We Tried The Free Rerelease Of Phantom Dust


We Tried The Free Rerelease Of Phantom Dust


  1. omg its craxy hoe you mentioned pso and guild wars. I used to think the same thing because these 3 games were so addictive at the time. I used to wonder about the potential sequel with the pso lobbies and world mechanic of guild wars. This game was far ahead of its time when it was released, it's a mix of Dragon Ball, Pokemon and Yugioh.

  2. A couple things that weren't made clear by this video.

    – lock on with RT and switch target with LT
    – press the Dpad corresponding with the ABXY buttons to get spell stats
    – all spells have either a short (red) medium (orange) or long (green) range.
    – you can reroll your opening hand

    There are actual combos you can chain to create devastating attacks. I still have my original copy of the game and had been playing up until the release of the XBO version. I've blasted through the campaign and I'm currently working on two arsenals that I've perfected over the many years of playing this game.

    Can't wait to spank some n00bs.

  3. Honestly the original was one of my favourite games… I clicked this video so fast. I really want a proper remake. I wished you had gotten into the whole deck building aspect of it. There were some moments where I was getting flashbacks to really good moves, like when you tried to destroy the other persons orb (there's a move for that! Not just stealing). Also, in that match where you disintegrated everyone's level… you didn't hit him, he died from using all his orbs. I have to go play this now… I bet it's like riding a bike.

  4. Played two rounds last night so much fun not knowing what power the other opponent has. Thank you Xbox

  5. Right Quick question for you all,
    I have been playing this on Windows 10 and for the past four cut scenes I have noticed the sound is out of sync and the frame rate is abysmal. The prologue alone in which you take the reins of white haired harry styles had me screaming in anger as the controller mechanisms were discombobulated couple this with the fact if you run this at 4k you cant seem to put it in full screen and instead it plays in a large window. Is anyone else having these problems on the PC version or is it just me .

  6. pretty cool, it reminds me of the old Spawn game that was on Sega Dreamcast way back then. I loved these types of versus games, wish the genre was still around

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