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Use the Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition to Fix an Xbox 360 Permanently


The Xbox 360 gaming console is a fantastic system. There is however one flaw that tends to put the Xbox 360 in a bad light: its unreliability. Many gamers worldwide have suffered from the common and infamously known, “3 rings of death”. This problem occurs when the Xbox 360 suffers from general hardware failure. It is a state where your consoles normally green lights that surround your on and off button turn to a flashing red. This problem is telling you that a hardware failure has occurred and that your system is temporarily inoperable.

The general statistic for this problem is impossible to say, but the generally accepted number is around 30-35 percent. Taking into consideration the amount of Xbox 360’s that are sold, it’s easy to understand and appreciate the seriousness of the problem. And the problem is, is there has not been up until this point, an actual working and guaranteed solution.

The first action people normally take once faced with this problem is to consult Microsoft. Microsoft will tell you that you should submit a “console repair request”. Most people who do this actually end up quite unsatisfied with their results as their system, when returned, isn’t quite fixed. And what Microsoft isn’t going to tell you is that their repair services are long and costly. What this means is if your console isn’t under warranty, they are going to charge you $140 to get rid of the flashing red lights, and that’s not even taking into account the cost of shipping. You will need to throw on an extra $25 for that. So you’re looking at about $165 dollars that you’re going to have to fork out and pay, and then packaging your system securely, and then the months of waiting time you’ll have to endure for your system to be returned back to you.

I hear many gamers ask if this is the only way to fix an Xbox 360 so they can get back to their gaming. And sadly to say up until this point, the answer would be yes. But fortunately for you, you have found this article that offers you a better and guaranteed way: The Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition. How would you like to be able to forget all of those odd methods found on the internet, and forget about Microsoft completely and get your system running again in under 1 hour? This is literally the amount of time it can take you to get your system up and running again by using this repair guide.

This repair guide has been developed by technical pro’s who know how to successfully rid gamers of those dreaded red lights. I can attest to this as they were able to help me and dozens of other Xbox 360 users worldwide. This guide offers great services as well, such as:

-Full Customer Support from Tech Specialists
-In depth video tutorials showing you how to fix the red light problem
-A guaranteed approach to fixing your Xbox 360 and solving your Red Light Problem
-Getting you back in the game within 1 hours time

This guide is totally comprehensive and guaranteed to work as it has over and over again for thousands of Xbox 360 users everywhere. This is the information that we gamers have desperately needed and now it is finally here. So if you are in desperate need of a repair for your Xbox 360 and aren’t sure where to look, then seriously consider The Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition as your best solution.

Daniel Durbin is a hardcore gaming enthusiast and Xbox 360 Fanboy. You can can get direct information on how to fix a Xbox 360 [http://www.360profix.com/the-best-solution-to-fix-a-xbox-360.php] at his website [http://www.360profix.com] which was created to help provide Xbox 360 enthusiasts with the necessary repair guides to help them fix their broken systems.

Submitted On May 24, 2009Console SystemsThe Xbox 360 gaming console is a fantastic system. There is however one flaw that tends to put the Xbox 360 in a bad light: its unreliability. Many gamers commonly experience what is known as the "Red Rings of Death." This article will show you to a…fix a xbox 360

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