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Top 10 NEW Xbox One Games of 2017


Top 10 NEW Xbox One Games of 2017


  1. i recently bougth my xbox one s again after trying out the internet from ps4 it still feels like a ps3 but being charged now…xbox live is great and i just kept my ps4 because of exclusives

  2. Microsoft and or other gaming companies, really need to drop, this whole fake expectations parade coming out with nothing new. I remember when the first Halo CE came out, and I loved it, because it was so different. Same with all rest of the Bungie series, Biowares Knights the old republic/2Sith lords. Far cry 3 and blood Dragon, Silent hill 1-4, Mercenaries playground of destruction, Bioshock. Now it seems both PS and Xbox don't have anything to stand on. From 2000_2015 were the golden years of console gaming in my opinion. Unless they can come out with anything good, I'm done. I'll be happier replaying the previous games, then paying 70 bucks for SHIT Destiny, that game was a warning that no one cares anymore, shit products now!

  3. xbox one故障が多くもはやゲームが出来ません マジうぜぇ 断続的に電源が落ちて無理 MSスタッフ本当に頼むよ!ゴミ箱を作るな!

  4. Why was this called "Top 10 NEW Xbox One Games" when most of the games were multiplatform?

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