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TES:Skyrim – Saves (Xbox)?


Okay, So it’s been asked before, quite a few times from search results.

Though none are providing what I need to know.

I want to know, if I created a different character and save the game, will the saves of another file eventually “Push” out the new characters save files?

If you don’t know what I’m trying to say by “push” I mean-

In Skyrim it seems there are only a certain number of saves that can be saved (Either that, or I’m just not getting many saves for some reason), It seemed to be around 8.

If this is confirmed by yourself or someone else to be incorrect, please do say so, that’d basically answer my question.

If not, then I was wondering, if a save file is saved in the last save slot, and then another save (On a different character) occurs, will it “push” the last slot out, to make room for the newer save?

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  1. Well as far as I know, only auto-saves and quick-saves are overwritten. A hard save is not (hard save is actually going in and selecting “save game”, not letting the system save for you). You have unlimited saves with Skyrim. I’m not sure exactly how many I have but it is much more than 8.

    If you create another character, just make sure you have a hard save for each one when you close off the game and you should be good. But remember that the “continue” selection (when you launch the game) will always load your last save, even if it’s an auto-save. So when you launch the game, you may have to use the “load” option and search for a particular save.

  2. no the saves are put on the xbox hard drive so you can actualy make many saves and they will be put on the hard drive, but if you feel the need to be safe if you have a spare flash drive around put it into your xbox and configure it to work as a removable hard drive so you can put more saves on it to do as much as you want. as far as pushing a game save out nothing like that will happen.

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