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PS3 VS Wii – Why the PS3 is the Best!


This article is a quick guide for anyone who is wondering why the Sony PS3 is a superior gaming console to the Nintendo Wii.

Granted the PS3 carries the higher price tag, but once you consider all the heavyweight features it carries, not to mention its sound reputation as a durable piece of hardware, some of the sting is taken from the initial outlay.

Comparing these two consoles is a little strange. After all, the Wii is not strictly speaking a ‘next generation’ console, a fact that becomes obvious the moment you see the difference in the graphics. The PS3 is simply in a different league.

With PlayStation 3 specifications including significantly more processing power and memory (80GB) it means that aside of the immediately obvious graphically superiority, PS3 games tend to be much more involving and complex. Wii games in contrast are much simpler, sometimes this is in the consoles favour, but mostly it only enhances the opinion that Wii games often lack replay value.

Also it’s worth noting that the variety of games available for the PS3 is much wider than for the Wii. This is because the Sony PS3 is a true ‘gaming’ console. A PS3 owner will never be stuck for something suitable to play, either alone or against others. You could choose to play via the very capable PlayStation 3 online service or over at a friend’s house. Wii games are much more multi-player orientated and often require friends or family present to get the most out of them. The Wii is definitely a console with family or party entertainment in mind.

However, outside the gaming advantages the PlayStation 3 also comes with many other additional features, not least a blu-ray player built in. Blu ray represents the future format of high definition movie presentation, and a standalone player alone would set you back around f150-200, however as a PS3 owner you will have a fully fledged Sony player as part of the deal. Wii hasn’t even tried to compete; it doesn’t even play DVD’s.

The PS3 also comes with a good, free and most importantly fast Internet browser; again this is a department which the Wii simply cannot compete as you need to buy a browser separately.

Another bonus which most people don’t pick up on is the fact that you can help in the fight against diseases such as Cancer with the folding@home programme. This feature gives you the option of ‘letting’ out some of the PS3’s huge processing power to scientists who need to compute a mass of data in their fight to discover how proteins fold. Once again, Wii does not have a similar feature. Granted this will not be a deal breaker for many people, but it is a nice addition nevertheless.

I’m certain that across the board not many people would challenge the fact that Sony’s PlayStation 3 is the much more ‘multimedia friendly’ console. It can play music, videos and films and the hugely impressive PlayStation Network provides a whole host of free downloadable content, and firmware updates too. And I haven’t even mentioned features like PlayStation Life and the soon to be available interactive delight that will be PlayStation Home.

It’s clear that the Wii isn’t even trying to be like the PS3. It is a niche console which is aiming itself at people who aren’t traditional gamers. The PS3 is at the front-line of cutting edge gaming consoles and delivers BIG TIME in every department.

Christopher Edwards is a firm believer in you get what you pay for, and that is why he remains a BIG fan of Sony’s PlayStation 3 console, the additional features, the reliability and the versatility are all reasons why Chris puts the PS3 right at the top of the console pile.

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His favourite TV show is Family Guy and he secretly enjoys Strictly Come Dancing.

Submitted On November 11, 2008Console SystemsThis article highlights many of the positive attributes the PS3 console has over its rival the Nintendo Wii. Granted the PS3 carries the higher price tag, but once you consider all the heavyweight features it carries, not to mention its sound…PS3 Vs Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 Vs Nintendo Wii, Ps3 Console versus Nintendo Wii, PS3 Vs Wii

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