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PS3 Save Data Transfer?


I let my uncle play this game on my PS3 and he is also buying the same game for his PS3 when he gets one in a week, and since he played the game and saved on my Ps3 can I take a USB thing and plug it into my PS3 and copy the data to the USB and transfer it to his PS3

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  1. first look at the save information to see if it’s locked or not. if it isn’t then copying using a usb drive is possible.

    some games will allow you to copy the save data but still have them linked to the account that was signed into during play so if he played using your account then it might be linked to it. the only way to know beforehand would be to create a user and account for your uncle on your ps3 ( he can use this account on his too ) and copying the save to his account on your system.

  2. On december 10th there will be a firmware update which is 3.15 and it allows you to transfer data from one ps3 to anothor so wait till then to download the update and transfer! but you can use a usb if it has a large enough amount of space to fit the data! but i would wait till the update since you’re less likely to encounter issues.

    This website has information on the new update soon to be released!

    [url is not allowed].

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