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Product Tour – Xbox One S Special Edition Consoles


Product Tour - Xbox One S Special Edition Consoles


  1. i was playing mincraft on
    my playstation 4but it was coplitly trash but i wish you could give me the xbox one s minecraft bundle and i promes i wont play playstatoin

  2. amigo la quiero comprar la consola de gears of war 4 de 2 teras pero podrías cargar el juego ya en la consola ya que en mi país a dónde yo vivo es complicado hacerlo o podría cambiar por un disco físico y por siento cuanto pesa la consola en su caja gracias

  3. Can't decide if I should get the gears 4 2tb bundle or 1tb bundle, a bit on a budget but will I be missing out on what the 2tb bundle has?

  4. How do you enter the xbox Minecraft code in? Caus I have it and I want to play minecraft and how do you get the packs.

  5. u forgot the blue xbox oen S, who matches perfectly the same color as the beautiful xbox one forza 6 collector edition , u less it's an europe exclusive model… i dunno it's bundled with battlefield One too . same as the military one . but better color imho

  6. Sony feeds my need for rpg and jrpg but man is the Xbox One been tempting. I could use one since my 360's adapter got shorted by a surge and I didn't like 360 much. I'm hoping Xb1 is a whole different beast since this is I'm gonna call it Phil Spencer's first console

  7. Just bought the Battlefield 1 Army pack from your website because the gamestop in my town (Sligo) said it wasn't out till the 21st oct!

    I live in a pony occupied town

  8. why are they showing digital copies for the xbox one s with battlefield it says it will be the full physical copy

  9. I have an important question so today i pre ordered the battlefield 1 bundle it says ill have it on release date. My question is are they gonna ship it to me before it come out and have it in oct 18. Or are they gonna make me wait for oct 18 then i have to drive it

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